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Artie Rodriguez

Artie Rodriguez is a native of the beautiful panhandle of Florida. Staying true to his country roots, Artie loves to perform and entertain audiences around by performing traditional country music.

Artie began his musical career back in 1990 when he joined the country music group from Opp, Alabama called “Young Country”. Artie was the lead vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for the band till 1995.

Artie has opened for bands such as Sammy Kershaw, Little Texas, John Anderson, McBride and The Ride and Neal McCoy. In March of 2000 he wrote a song titled “ Forget His Memories” in honor of his father, Arthur Rodriguez who was a former POW from the Korean War.

President Clinton’s support staff heard the song and chose Artie out of 1800 people to perform for 10,000 veterans at the 50th Anniversary Korean War Commemorative Ceremony held in Washington DC in June 2000.

When Artie is not performing or songwriting, he is making a living as a deputy sheriff where he is often referred to as the “singing deputy”.

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