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Maiden Dixie

Energetic. Passionate. Exuberant. One would be hard-pressed to find a band that more embodies these qualities than Maiden Dixie.

Breaking onto the music scene in the fall of 2011, this country rock septet has been gaining unchecked momentum ever since. They've played every A-list club in the Midwest and opened for dozens of huge artists, Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen, and newcomer Jon Pardi to name a few.

Whether composing, recording or performing live, these seven musicians combine their talents, experience, and love of music to form a true bond with their audience. Comprised of two combat veterans of the Iraq War, six music/composition majors and even a division one basketball player,

Maiden Dixie is an eclectic mix of interesting characters. With an inimitable blending of the country, rock, blues and folk genres, Maiden Dixie guarantees an exciting and enthusiastic live performance that is sure to get the audience up on their feet dancing.

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