Indie Artist Of The Month

Ice Cream Fire

Modern Rock meets dance-floor Pop and R&B with crunching guitar riffs, catchy hooks, & a female lead singer.

ICE CREAM FIRE was formed in 2010 as a collaboration between Japanese born rock musician Tamon Fujimi & east-coast Jazz/Blues singer Jackie Haydamacha. They also recruit...ed incredibly talented musicians including guitarist Jesse Villalobos from California, bassist Andrew Ford from Florida, and Israeli-born drummer, Yanni Ezer.

Together, they have been rehearsing constantly & playing shows around Southern California at legendary venues like The Roxy, Key Club, Paladino's, Viper Room, & The House of Blues.

They are currently in the studio recording songs to be released later in the year

Staff Of The Month

Latino Heat

Listener Of The Month

Old World Wizzard

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